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SuperSeal 3-PL 


This material is a very soft and compliant premium urethane used in water and air restriction. It easily conforms to irregular surfaces and knife edges, and can therefore act as a more effective air or water seal. It is a mid-density, dark charcoal colored foam popularly used where a high performance but soft material is preferred. 

Technical Properties
(subject to modification)

Density lb/ft3 or (kg/m3) min. 3.5 (56.1)
Tensile lb/in2 of (KPa) min.   20 (137.9)
50% Compression set % Max 20
50% Deflection Max. lb/in2 or (KPa) 1.5 (10.3)
Air Flow (range) M3/M2/Seconds   1-7
Temperature Range degrees F -40 to +250
When specified U/L or FMVSS-302 Burn Rates Available  Yes
50% Compression will resist water permeability (1,2,3, or 5 inches) Yes, 4-5 inch head
Anti-Fungal Biocide Additive Available Yes

Manufacturer Specifications


WSK M2D460-A

General Motors

GM 6068 Type II

Daimler Chrysler

MSAY 558


DDS 8072-034

DDS 8072-056(JDLC)

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